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57th, 60th●, and 66th Regiments; and of them o●nly 1800 men were unwounded when the fire ▓ceased. The


  • 受逃跑抓会被灌满

    Spaniards on t▓he right were first attacked, and soon gav●e way, and for the rest of this● short four hours’ fight, the▓ brunt of battle lay with th●e British contingent.The men behaved with● valour extraordinary even in t▓hose days of hard, continuous fighting●

  • 受逃跑抓会被灌满

    ; and there was heavy need for it.The Allied ri▓ght was practically en l’air●, with sufficient cover close to a domin▓ating hill, which was not held, to make a flan●k attack easy.Against this Girard, with th●e 5th Corps and Latour-Maubo▓urg’s Cavalry, were early m

  • 受逃跑抓会被灌满

    oved.▓ Here, when the Spanish broke●, was moved Colborne’s Division, one br▓igade of which had three of its re▓giments, the 3rd, 66th, and 4▓8th, almost destroyed, and on●ly the 31st had time to form square.There w▓as bitter fighting, round the colours of the B


u●ffs especially, and confusion reigned supreme● for a moment in the right wing.But soon the ●29th pressed into the fight, and on them the●


Spaniards somewhat rallied.As thei●r colonel, Duckworth, fell, he cried, “Die hard▓, my men, die hard!” whence c


  • o▓mes their hon

  • oured nickname of

  • the ▓“Die-hards.” Ric

  • hly they deserve


  • d it, for ou▓t

  • of 25 officers 22

  • fell, of 570 rank an●d

  • file 425 were ki


  • lled or wou▓nde

  • d, and the king’s

  • colour bore▓ thirty bu

  • llet wounds.41

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